Vanco Keywords

Note that keywords are not case sensitive

Assist or #Assist – Sends instructions to the donor via text.

Response: To donate via text, send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign. For example: $10. Text #edit to update your profile or #halt to permanently disable text giving.

Edit or #Edit- Allows donors to edit their name, payment method, address and email. Once the edit keyword is sent, the will receive linkChubby amateur teen sucks and fucks with cum on tits – hardcore,boobs,cumshotGroup-sex wild patty at night club – sexy, hardcore, sexAnal sex in black stockings and stiletto heels – stockings,lingerie,analsexCam4Teens 222 – amateurAmateur Kinky Girl Play With Her Body Using Stuffs mov-05 – pussy,tits,teenBrunette teen cutie rubs slick beaver – babe, teen, pussyFervid slit licking session – pussy, lesbian, teen.

Response: To manage your profile, go to (link)

Halt or #Halt- Allows donors to permanently disable Give by Text. At this time, they cannot re-enroll once they’ve opted out.

Response: Text to give to (Church Name) for this phone has been permanently disabled

Refund or #Refund- Donors can send this message to refund or cancel a donation they’ve submitted and we will direct them to call the church.

Response: To request a refund of your donation, please call (Church Name) at (Church Phone #)

Funds or #Funds- Donors can send this message to receive a list of the Church’s Give by Text Funds.

Confirmations and Responses

Registration Link- Sent via text the first time a donation is made

Thank you! Please visit (link) to register.

Donation Confirm- Sent via text each time a donation is made

Thank you for your $(amount) donation. Text #refund to cancel this donation, #edit to update your profile, #halt to permanently disable text giving

Error Messages

Unable to Recognize Amount

We could not determine the amount you wish to give. Please ensure you’re using $xx or $xx.xx as the format. For example: $10.00. Text #assist for help.

Failed Transaction

Your $(amount) donation to (Church Name) has failed. Please contact your card issuer for assistance.

Registration Link Expired

This registration link has expired, please send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign to start over.

Unrecognizable Message

We’re sorry, we didn’t understand your request. Text #assist if you need help.

Misc. Errors

I’m sorry, we are unable to process your donation. Please call (Church Name) at (Church Phone #) for assistance.

Registration Link Issue

I’m sorry, we were unable to process your request. Please send the dollar amount you wish to give, including a dollar sign to try again.