IPC Church Growth Confessions

Father God, I thank you for being the Good Shepherd of Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God, Your 1000-member house of prayer. We are your inheritance, purchased and covered by the blood of Jesus. We are fulfilling your commission to win the lost, make disciples and establish your Kingdom in all the earth. 


Father, by your Spirit, I call the lost from the north, south, east, and west into this church and decree that every service is filled and overflowing. I decree that signs, wonders, and miracles confirm the preaching and teaching of Your Word, leading multitudes to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Lord, send angels as reapers to draw the lost to fill Your house. We receive a fresh rhema Word from heaven in every service to feed your sheep, and I decree that they shall not wander. 


I pray that you will restore the hearts of those who are backslidden, offended, scattered, or have turned away. I call them back into the Kingdom, back into the house, and back into position, transformed and renewed, and no man shall pluck them out of your hand. 


Heavenly Father, unite our hearts to care for your flock. I decree that of all you give us we will lose none. We reap the harvest and call-in laborers for the perfecting of the saints and to edify Your Body in love. In your Name, we nurture and disciple the souls that are won. We lovingly bind up the broken and mature them to perfection in Christ. 


We honor the Visionary of this house. We thank you Lord for Apostolic leadership, prophetic utterance, expansive evangelistic outreach, effective teaching, and pastoral covering & care. I release the anointing and grace to win the lost and nurture your flock. 


In Jesus’ Name, Amen!






IPC Church Faith Declarations

As a member of the Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God,  I enforce God’s original plans and purposes in my life and in the church. As a citizen of the kingdom of God I have what I say.  I hold fast to my confession of faith, and I do not falter, faint, or give up. 


I declare that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and guilt, shame and condemnation have no place in our lives. We are God’s chosen generation; His royal priesthood and we are reigning as kings in the earth. We are accepted in the beloved and nothing can separate us from His love. We are sanctified, consecrated, and separated from the world. 


We are the healed of the Lord. Jehovah Rapha has taken sickness and disease away from the midst of us. We have sound minds and bodies. We are energized, revitalized, transformed, renewed, restored powerhouses for God. I curse at the root, every sickness, disease, pain, virus, and infirmity that would try to attack us and I plead the blood of Jesus over our bodies. The healing power of God continually surrounds us, keeps us, and preserves us. 


We are redeemed from debt, poverty and lack. Every household of IPC/FCC is blessed and living under an open heaven. The blessing of the Lord makes us rich and adds no sorrow with it. We are increasing more and more, and wealth and riches are in our houses. We are the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath, the lender and not the borrower. We are sowing bountifully and reaping a bountiful harvest on every seed sown. 


We have strong marriages and families that are knitted together in love and rooted in the Word of God. Wives are submitting to their own husbands as unto the Lord and the husbands love their wives as Christ loves the church. Our youth fear the Lord and obey and honor their parents. I bind every demonic attack against our families and speak life, joy, love, and peace over our households. 


IPC is prospering at everything we set our hands to. We have a great work to accomplish, and I command finances and all resources to come forth now without delay. I call in everything prepared for us before the foundation of the world pertaining to our life and the life of IPC. I declare that the wealth of the wicked, the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places come to us now. 


The supernatural Word of God is prevailing in every area of our lives. We are fighting the good fight of faith and laying hold to eternal life. Our faith is the victory that overcomes the world. Now thanks be unto God Who always causes us to triumph in Christ! 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.



Personal Financial Declarations

By Faith I Declare and Decree:



God delights in my prosperity.  He gives me power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant upon the earth. –  Deuteronomy 8:18; 11:12


God is the unfailing, unlimited source of my supply.  My financial income now increases as the blessings of the Lord overtake me. – Deuteronomy 28:2


As I give, it is given unto me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. – Luke 6:38


I honor the Lord with my substance and the first-fruits of my increase.  My barns are filled with plenty, and my presses burst forth with new wine. – Proverbs 3:9-10


I am blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed coming in, and blessed going out.  I am blessed in the basket and blessed in the store.  My bank accounts, investments, health, and relationships flourish.  The blessings of the Lord overtake me in all areas of my life.  

Deuteronomy 28:1-14


The Lord has opened unto me His good treasure and blessed the work of my hands.  He has commanded the blessing upon me in my storehouse and all that I undertake.  

Deuteronomy 28:8,12


There is no lack, for my God supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19


I have a cash anointing! I’m the number one giver in my church. All my bills are paid including mortgages and I am totally debt free!


The angels have responded to my words, and they have been dispatched to work on my behalf, therefore I praise God for the increase in Jesus’ Name.  Amen!! – Psalm 103:20


Powerful Warfare Prayers…

I come in the Name of Jesus Christ and declare His total Lordship over my life, my family, the church, and everything that concerns me (Phil. 2: 10-11).

I decree and declare that in this battle no weapon – be it emotional, financial, physical, psychological, or spiritual – formed against us shall prosper (I Samuel 17: 47; Isaiah 54: 17).

I pull down every stronghold and cast down vain imaginations and every high thing that lifts itself against the knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 10: 5).

I call upon Jehovah-Gibbor, the Lord Mighty in Battle, to contend with those who contend with me, and to fight against those who are fighting against us! Take hold of Your shield and buckler and stand up for our help! Let terror strike the hearts of our enemies and cause their hearts to fail. 

I announce that it is You who have blessed us. It is You who empowers us. It is not by our might nor by our power, but by the Spirit of the Lord that we succeed. When the enemy comes in like a flood, Your Spirit lifts up a standard against him (Isaiah 59: 19). 

I bind satanic harassment and rebuke satanic retaliations.

I decree and declare that a prayer shield, the anointing, and the Blood of Jesus forms a hedge of protection around me and covers me from every attack of the enemy (Exodus 12: 13; Psalm 91). 

I decree and declare that the Spirit of the Lord is upon us – the spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel and might. As we advance, we are divinely empowered and increase in skill and understanding (Isaiah 11: 2-3; Ephesians 1: 18; Col. 1: 9-11).

Father, overthrow the plans of troublemakers, scorners, scoffers, mockers, persecutors, and character assassins! Expose satanic representatives and grant unto us divine strategies and tactics to identify, resist, and overcome plots and plans established for our downfall! Strike them down in the very act of their mischief! (Psalm 5: 10; 7: 15, 16; 34: 21; 35: 1-8). 

I overrule and overthrow, according to Isaiah 54: 17, ill-spoken words, ill wishes, enchantments, divinations, spells, witchcraft prayers, and every idle word spoken contrary to God’s original plans and purposes personally and in the church. 

In the Name of Jesus, I come against lies, slander, speculation, accusation, and character assassination. Father, cause the heavens to bow down with Your divine judgment; we will lose no ground or territory through their undermining efforts or initiatives (Psalm 144: 5-7). 

I reverse the effects of any stigmas and declare that divine favor, grace, honor, and positive wishes now replace all negative feelings and perceptions concerning myself, my family and the ministry I am called to. 

Father, frustrate the signs of witches and warlocks who withstand the anointing as You di with Jannes and Jambres in the days of Moses! Confound the omens of liars, prognosticators, and the like (Isaiah 44: 25; II Timothy 3: 8).

Rebuke and dismantle satanic alliances and arrest them by the Spirit. Let every secret effort and endeavor fail. Let all future diabolical communications and networking fail. Let their tongues be divided. Overrule and overthrow sabotage and setbacks. 

Lord, arrest those who operate in the spirit of Jezebel or Belial. Let them not resist the anointing, usurp authority, or gain any ground in the natural or in the realm of the spirit! 

I decree and declare that wisdom is our counselor; the Holy Spirit is our consultant; Jesus Christ is our advocate. I further declare that our set time of favor will not be frustrated. We are daily loaded with benefits and the Lord prospers the work of our hands. In Jesus’ Name, Amen!